Venues: Belmont Abbey, Hereford and Verzon House, Ledbury

35mm Kodak Portra 400,
process and scan: Exposure Film Labs

Canon AE-1 50mm f1.8

August 2017

Nothing rivals the glowing organic texture of film photography. For weddings, it contrasts perfectly with the main digital photos. When I was asked by Jonathon and Kitty to shoot some 35mm, I could not refuse! Having trained on film in my uni days and always carrying an analogue camera to weddings (but hardly having a moment to use it), it was a breath of fresh air, I almost went back to my roots.

Every digital photographer will tell you how easy it is to slip into the habit of overshooting. With film I have to think a lot harder, that shutter has to open at just the right moment or a shot can be missed, but, the imperfect frames can sometimes turn out as favourites. It’s a great exercise to value each frame, I do believe the roll I shot that day has already had a positive influence on my digital method.

There is something special about it that you almost can’t explain, it is a very honest medium. Film doesn’t lie. You can take it into digital processing if you wish but with a clearly unique tonal range intriguing “imperfect” shots, you would hesitate to ruin it. If you’re interested in having your wedding photographed on film, email me emma@emmagardiner.com

Thank you Jonathon and Kitty!